Differentiated Learning

Every Student Learns in Different Ways

Although students tend to learn math concepts following a general developmental trajectory, they still learn in different ways and at varying paces. It is therefore critical to differentiate tasks and instruction to meet the needs of all students so they can experience success.

Zorbit’s Math Adventure seamlessly adapts to your student’s ability

Matching dominos to numerals

Matching expressions to numerals

Matching two different expressions

Game-Based Adaptive Learning

Zorbit’s Math Adventure allows you to address the diverse needs of your students with its adaptive learning system which differentiates the learning experience for each student, supporting and challenging them in their zone of proximal development.

The adaptive learning system tracks, measures, and analyzes each student’s responses, strategies and degree of understanding before, during, and after every level that is played. This information is used to personalize the learning journey and the feedback that is given.

If a student is struggling, the system provides additional feedback, visual hints and problems that will scaffold the learning. For students who have adeptly mastered the concepts, the system makes the experience more challenging by providing less scaffolding, introducing new game mechanics, and posing more difficult problems.

Water Balloon Activity

In this activity, students develop a conceptual understanding of linear measurement on a number line as Zorbit aims his water balloons to soak the squids. To aim the water balloon, students pull back on the slider to choose how far Zorbit will throw. The images below depict several ways that the adaptive learning system adjusts the activity to further challenge or support students as they learn.