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Game-based learning for kids. Insight and personalization for educators.

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Kids Love Playing Zorbit

Use Zorbit to inspire and engage your students. Our colourful cast of characters, beautiful worlds, and focus on developing positive growth mindsets will help your students develop a love for math.

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We are curriculum aligned.

Zorbit Develops Conceptual Understanding

Zorbit activities use a real world problem-solving approach to math.

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Our math is crafted to the specific cognitive and development needs of young learners.

Our adaptive learning system allows students to progress at their own pace.

Zorbit's Math Adventure delivers a personalized learning experience.

A new study shows how Zorbit’s Math Adventure impacts student learning!

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Identify Learning Gaps

Reports in Zorbit are easy to use and will help you quickly identify where the learning gaps are in your classroom. Use the assessments to take action with interventions and personalized instruction.

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“Zorbit’s Math Adventure allows me to give students work they absolutely love to do. It’s great to see a program that constantly engages them in great math learning.”

Joe Archer

Kindergarten Teacher
Grand Erie, Ontario

Easy to Use

You can have your class set up and running with Zorbit in minutes.

Our dashboard is simple
and intuitive.

Students can log into the
games themselves.

And our support team is very
responsive and friendly!

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